C-Skins NX Gen 2mm gloves

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Through R&D and advancements in new technology C-Skins has developed a range of accessories that push the boundaries of performance, flexibility, warmth and water resistance. Constructed with GBS seams and then immersed in latex, means all seams and outer surfaces are water tight.


• Latex finish: Maximum flex, Minimum weight – DRY!
• 2mm Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene
• Shark Skin palm grip


Sizes available in this style and model:

UK:  2XS/  XS/  S/  M/  L/  XL

Adult Glove size chart



NxGen Liquid Rubber

NxGen is a process of dipping a finished product into liquid rubber which provides a product with maximum flex, minimum weight and excellent water repellence.

Shark Skin Palm Grip

Shark Skin palm technology creates maximum traction whilst still maintaining a light weight, durable and most importantly flexible glove. Gloves are not bad, just misunderstood!!

Ultra Stretch C-Flex Neoprene

C-Flex Ultra Stretch Neoprene is C-Skins stretchiest and most versatile neoprene. It is a comfortable lining with a stretchier foam and a tighter weave which is very durable and carries minimal water